10 Amusing Facts About Latin American Culture

When you travel through Central and South America, you notice many different customs and traditions. Odds are high that you will see many cultural values and customs that you have never seen in the United States or Europe. Each country is unique in terms of its cultural norms. You can’t compare culture in one place to its neighbors. However, one can still see the certain common things and some of them are amusing to be least.

  1. You can’t throw toilet paper in the toilet

One of the first things that you will notice when traveling to Central or South America is how things in toilet become challenging. You can’t throw the toilet paper in the toilet. Instead the only way to dispose them is to use the bin that’s placed next to the toilet. The plumbing in these countries isn’t built to handle the paper. So if you throw toilet paper in the toilet when in Latin American culture, you may end up with an overflowing toilet.

  1. Be ready to shop for liquids in plastic bags

You don’t see liquids being sold in plastic bags anywhere in the world. But when you go to Latin America, that’s how you get liquids everywhere. So if you want to buy water, be ready to get it in a plastic bag. Similarly, if you want to buy a local fruit juice, you will need to buy a plastic bag packing. Although international brands make plastic bottles available, they cost considerably high compared to plastic bag packaging.

  1. Street names are dates

Streets are usually named after famous people or events in the world but that’s not the case in Latin American culture. The streets are usually named after important dates in these countries. So be sure to make a note of street names to avoid confusion when traveling to Central or South America.

  1. Buildings with unfinished top floor

You are sure to find a lot of buildings without a finished top floor. You are going to say that because these buildings usually have iron rods sticking out from the top. In fact, these aren’t unfinished structures but the builders have future plans. They want to save cost and therefore they have finished the existing structure in a way that it would be easier in future to build more floors on top.

  1. Be prepared to travel in old American buses

One of the most amusing things in Latin America is how they decorate their buses. You are going to travel in old American school buses. However, it may be difficult to recognize at first sight since most of these have been heavily renovated.

  1. Money change is a problem

You may find it difficult to get change back from large bills. To settle your large bill, you may have to make smaller purchases since retailer will usually refuse to give change.

  1. Motor bikes with carts are common in small cities

You are going to find a lot of them in Central and South American countries. You will also see tuk-tuks in some countries.

  1. Lots of guns

You haven’t probably seen a security guard carrying a short gun in America but be ready to see that in Central and South America. There are lots of guns on public display in these countries.

  1. Be ready to pay to use a bathroom

If you need to use a bathroom when out of your apartment or hotel, you will need to pay for it in Hispanic countries.

  1. Sewers, flooding, and wastewater management are almost nonexistent.

Many Latin American countries are located in tropical areas that receive high rainfall in the rainy season.  Combined with the lack of adequate rainwater management, this means that in the best of times, you’ll end up slogging through flooded streets and may even have a leaky roof or minor flooding in cheaper accommodation.  More rain can result in extensive damage, requiring significant water damage repair, mudslides, and some forms of transportation being cut off.   While in the United States we often have our pick for an established water damage repair company, most of Latin America only has local handymen and smaller companies to help rebuild homes and repair flood damage.