5 Latin American women groups that you should know

Women have led various important movements in Latin America. Even during the time of peace, women groups are actively helping to change and redefine culture, politics and values in Latin America. Here is a list of 5 most impressive Latin American women groups that you should know.

Comando Colibri

This is a Mexican group of women who fight violence against women. This group was formed in order to respond to everyday violence events involving women in Mexico City. The group chose of self-defense as their answer to this violence.

The women participating in the self-defense training regimes organized by this group learn boxing and other ways to defend themselves. The group also offers paid technical training to non-member women to cover day to day expenses.

The name of the group ‘Colibri’ means hummingbird. The name was taken from a local story where a hummingbird fights a huge forest fire all by itself. When other animals feared the fire and ran to save their lives, the colibri turned around and decided to save the forest. This story says a lot about the philosophy and underlying principles of this women group.

CFSS health action group

Colectivo Feminista Sexualidade Saude (CFSS) is a women community in Brazil. This group is responsible for providing professional trailing to thousands of women in the region. The group preaches the principles of self-help and free access to information. Based on these basic principles, the group has been able to provide basic health care to the underprivileged women throughout the region.

Flor De Azaela

This group in Ecuador is the oldest sex workers movement in Latin America. The movement was founded back in early 1980s in Machala.

The movement protects sex workers by defending their rights as sex workers. The members get involved in various activities during their work as sex workers and that’s when they need each other’s help. As a group and community, these sex workers are able to negotiate with local authorities and government when there is a problem.

The group doesn’t just deal with day to day problems for sex workers in Ecuador but it also provides opposition to the criminalization of sex work. The group has been publically vocal on the legal oppression of sex workers.

Miles Group

Miles Group in Chile is one of the bravest and courageous groups in this list. These women have come together to fight a major taboo in Chile – abortion. Unfortunately, women can’t chose to have abortion in Chile and anyone who tries to fight against it can be put in jail for up to five years. Miles and some other women groups are showing great courage by fighting against this evil legislation.

Garifuna Culture Group

Garifuna Culture Croup fights against the neoliberal and privatization policies in Hondorus in an effort to protect the Garifuna culture.

The member women try to protect their communities by answering call to ancestors. As a result, these women are usually present at every land takeover and political gathering where they take on different roles.

According to this group, women should lead different rituals. These rituals usually require access to the sea and earth and that’s something only Garifuna women can do.