5 of the Best Latin Americans Books

Reading is one of the best uses of free time and it’s one of the greatest joys without a doubt. It’s one of the means of learning about outside cultures and traditions as well as understanding the emotions of aboriginal cultures.

Great literature can easily transport the reader to a land where magic and romance comes to life. Whether you fancy going to that magic land or you prefer understanding the Latin culture through inspirational biographies, here is a list of 5 best Latin American books to start the journey.

The Labyrinth of Solitude

If you want to learn about the realities of Central American culture, there is no better reading to get started than the famous work of Octavio Paz – The Labyrinth of Solitude.

The book is a collection of nine essays that look deep into Mexican life. Writer talks about how the Mexican identity meets with a never-ending feeling solitude that lies at the end of the labyrinth.

Love in the Time of Cholera

This is one of the best books to have ever come out of Latin America. The author Gabriel Garcia Marquez talks about love and betrayal in this romantic masterpiece. This book is one of the most read romantic love stories in Latin America.

If you want to learn about the romantic and sensual feelings underlying the strong cultural traditions in Central and South America, this is the book to read. It touches on every emotion of human life in these cultures and dives deeper on how romanticism affects life in Latin America.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is probably the most well-known Latin American book outside the region. It came out in 1988 but it’s still famous. The novel was written by Paulo Coelho. The book holds the world record for most translated book by a living author.

The book was originally written in Portuguese by the Brazilian author. The Alchemist has been translated into 67 different languages so far and has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. It’s one of the highest selling books in the history.


This classic romantic novel was written by Julio Cortazar and it published in 1963. It has become one of the most important books to reach when someone is trying to explore the Latin American literature. Various contemporary authors and critics have accepted this ‘counter-novel’ as a classic.

The Motorcycle Diaries

If you have ever thought about exploring the Latin American culture on a motorbike road trip, then this is the novel you should read. It’s about the young Marxist leaving the homeland on a motorbike and returns as a changed man. There is a lot of explore and many emotions to understand about Latin American culture that you will read about in this novel.

There is a movie based on this thrilling and entertaining travel diary. The diary provides an honest account of a young kid who isn’t educated and rich but still has some moving revelations to make.

If you want to observe humanity through the eyes of a Latin American middle-class kid, read this book.