6 Ways to Stay Safe in Latin America

Central and South America is a safe place for travelers and tourists. Only rarely some travelers report safety issues or theft. However, the local crime rate in some areas might affect travelers without targeting them in particular, getting them in middle of petty crime scenes.

The best way to stay safe in Latin America is to observe general safety rules recommended for travelers in addition to a few special tips for Latin America. These tips are listed below.

  1. Know where you’re going

There is nothing like being lost. If you are lost, everyone is going to know that and that’s when the opportunity for those who think of you as a goldmine might come. So be sure to know where you are going before you go there.

Make all the travel plans ahead of time. Read something about the locals. Learn a few tips about dealing with them. Find out about local customs. Know them well before you have to stare at someone.

Find out if there is any travel warning for a territory issued by government. Follow the advice and cancel the trip if there is a warning. Never overlook these signs.

  1. Keeps your eyes open

When traveling anywhere in the world, you should keep your eyes and mind open. Sure you won’t miss a thing of beauty but you will also notice shadowy neighborhood and clumsy figures in crowded parks.

When you are walking around in unfamiliar cities, you need to be sure you look around carefully and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. If you are on a deserted street and you need a bus, don’t wait there even if you spot no instant danger. Find a busy street.

Don’t ignore pickpockets when traveling in Latin America. Just like rest of the world, you’re sure to meet one in every busy shopping mall, train station, and bus stop. Keep your eyes open for them.

  1. Learn to communicate with the locals

When touring Central or South American countries, it’s important that you develop ability to communicate with the locals. All you have to do is to learn a few words in Spanish and understand a few body gestures. That’ll do. You will be able to talk to the locals and they will help you with everything from finding great deals to getting a fair deal on your taxi expenses.

  1. Know that you are in foreign land

You might be the ultimate guy in your local neighborhood but Latin America isn’t your home. You shouldn’t be shy to admit that. Knowing your limits will help you exhibit safe behavior. As a result, you won’t engage in quarrels with locals.

  1. Know when to hire a guide

When traveling outside your home country, it’s important to know when to hire a guide. If you feel like you are going to a totally strange place that you don’t feel sure about, it’s time you consider hiring a guide.

  1. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or take video camera to carnival

When visiting Latin America, you will definitely become a part of the famous Latin American Carnival. It’s the biggest party on earth and things do get a little messy sometimes. Avoid carrying expensive items to stay safe.