8 Things You Should Know About Latino Culture

Hispanic heritage is rich with traditions and cultural festivals. Each year, they start the celebrations for the independence of five Latin American countries on 15 September. Hispanic people are America’s largest growing ethnic group.

Latin America has nearly 330 million native speakers who speak Spanish. This makes Spanish world’s second most spoken first language with only Chinese language ahead of it. There are many other amazing things about Latin American culture that one must know.

Latin American dance

When you think of Latin American culture, traditional dance is definitely one of the first few things that come to the mind. It is one of the strongest traditions of this energetic culture. These cultural dances such as rumba and cha-cha-cha have unique individual style and they are easily recognizable.

Spanish isn’t the only Latin American language

Latin American culture is rich not only in terms of its traditions but also in terms of languages. Although the major first language in this culture is Spanish, they are many who speak other languages such as Portuguese, which is spoken in Brazil. Spanish also has number of varying versions.

Unique body language and hand gestures

When you visit Latin America, be sure to learn about different hand and body gestures. A gesture that means something positive in your culture could be equivalent to a rude action in Latin America. The usual OK sign means being rude to someone in Brazil. Similarly, Argentineans would think you mean you don’t know when you are trying to suggest the other person to get lost. That’s pointing under the chin.

Festivity and carnivals

Latin American culture has numerous festivals and carnivals that continue entertaining communities throughout the year. However, the stand out festive season starts late January and continues through March. This is the Carnival season. The Latin people think of it as the last chance to celebrate the good times. They give it all during these festivals, making Carnival season one of the most festive seasons in the entire world.

Holiday of Day of the Dead

This is a special holiday in Latin American culture, particularly in Mexico where it is celebrated widely. If you are curious about Latin culture, this holiday is something for you to attend. Families and friends from around the Latin belt gather in Mexico to remember the ones who are dead. The family members and friends offer their favorite food as a sacrifice for well-being of their friends.

Latin American peppers are special

Latin American peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. There is nothing like that in any other part of the world. They are part of various spicy dishes and give special flavoring to red hot Mexican food.

Latin American people are happy people

A Gallup poll indicates that Latin American countries are the happiest countries in the world. Among the countries with the happiest population, Latin America has all top 10 countries. This makes it a great place for anyone to find happiness, joy, and festivity.

Family values are important

Family is an important unit in Hispanic culture. The Hispanic people give great importance to family and think of it as a close-knit group of people. Religion and social values plays a major role in keeping the families together.