Best Places to Live in Latin America

Nearly 7 million Americans live overseas and majority of them choose a destination in Latin America. The major reasons for this migration trend are affordability, pleasant environment, and strong family values.

If you are considering living in Latin America, you sure want to follow where other Americans are going. Here is a list of most desirable places to live in Latin America, as indicated by US immigrants.


Mexico is the first place that most American immigrants think about when leaving the U.S. Nearly 850,000 Americans live there already and more are adding up each year.

Although the international community talks much about Mexicans moving to the north, more Americans have actually moved to the Mexico in history.

The best thing about Mexico is the affordability. It’s inexpensive and easy to relocate. You can come back to your home country or go elsewhere in the world with usually a single flight. It’s connected to the entire world and there are no major safety issues.

The quality of health care is good and the infrastructure is reasonable in most places in Mexico. The cost of living in Mexico is extremely low compared to what you pay to live in the U.S. Since numerous global retail brands have strong presence in Mexico, you’re never going to feel out of place at a grocery store.


Ecuador is the second most popular Latin American country in the world for Americans living abroad. Nearly 40,000 Americans live in Ecuador and it’s rated as world’s best retirement place. There is no reason that you should consider moving to Ecuador if you want to live in Latin America.

The cost of living is also low in Ecuador. You can actually live with $1000 a month and with $1500 for a couple. This cost includes everything from housing to some essential luxuries. The quality of life at this cost is probably the best that you can get in the world.

The climate in most parts of Ecuador is perfectly serene with pleasantly mild temperatures. The healthcare and other basic facilities are improving all the time. The country has a growing economy and the government is friendly and welcoming.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has perfect weather, it’s safe to live, and there is a great program for foreign retirees living in Costa Rica. It’s definitely one of the best places on planet to live after retirement.

There are more than 10,000 Americans living in Costa Rica. It’s definitely one of the hottest Latin American territories to live. The region has mesmerizing natural beauty and an atmosphere that makes life close to nature. That’s the reason Costa Rica is considered to be world’s happiest country. It was ranked number one on the Happy Planet Index in 2009 and then again in 2012.

The overall quality of life in Costa Rica is probably better than anywhere else in Latin America. If a healthy and natural lifestyle amidst stunning natural beauty is your preference, Costa Rica is your destination in Central and South America.