Top 5 Latin American Carnivals

If you want to be at one of the year’s biggest parties in Central and South American region, you need to hurry. Accommodations fill up quicker than you can think. The pre-Lenten festive season is so huge in this region that you will be surprised to see celebrations. These celebrations take place nearly across 70 territories during the Easter holiday.

Latin American carnivals have their roots in Catholicism but they also include elements of traditional Hispanic culture. If you want to be at the party this year, check out these top five carnivals in the region.

Carnival of Participation (Olinda, Brazil)

Attended by an average 2 million people each year, Carnival of Participation in Olinda, Brazil has its own environment. The carnival is perfect for anyone to participate and its fun whether you’re a teenager or a grownup adult.

It’s one of the best free carnivals in Brazil.

When it comes to amusement, Carnival of Participation has everything from fancy parades to colorful costumes. The major attraction at this carnival is bonecos – the huge paper puppet.

Carnival Rio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

This carnival is rules them all. It’s attended by more than 5 million people each year. Carnival Rio is King of the Carnival without a doubt.

The Carnival offers four-day party time that ends before Lent. The party has its cultural as well as religious significance. People dance to the euphoric tunes and have fun of their lifetime.

When it is Carnival time in Rio, every street and every bar is awake day and night for the four days. It’s party time no matter where you go. If you want to join this massive party, you just need to get a fancy costume and learn to swing your hips.

Salvador Carnival (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil)

The Salvador Carnival is attended by nearly 3 million people each year. With electric environment and massive crowds, it is one of the biggest parties on this planet.

The major reason of fame for the Salvador Carnival is Trio Eletrico. It’s a huge truck runs through the streets. There is a live band and huge lights on the truck. It’s something you can’t miss when in Brazil during the carnival season.

Barranquilla Carnival (Barranquilla, Colombia)

If you’re looking for the biggest party on the planet outside Brazil, it’s in Barranquilla, Colombia. Nearly 2 million people attend the Carnival each year. Festivity at Barranquilla begin with a six-hour long Parade of Flowers.

Montevideo Carnival (Montevideo, Uruguay)

If you want the festivity to never end, then you should go to Montevideo for pre-Lenten celebrations. Celebrations in this festive city last for 40 days. No doubt, it’s the world’s longest Carnival.

The festivity at the carnival is added by number of parade competitions that take place on ‘calls’. The local performers dress up in their cultural costumes for parade.

If you are going to be in Central or South America during the carnival season, be sure to plan your tour ahead of time. You won’t be able to get accommodations and there might be transportation issues in case you haven’t booked in advance.